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Timing Belt & Timing Chain Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement in San Antonio, Texas by Sergeant Clutch
Engine timing is extremely important to any vehicle. Valves for air and exhaust need to open and close in each cylinder at just the right time for your engine to run properly. Every vehicle will have a timing chain or timing belt. a bad timing belt or timing chain can cause the engine to lose time, jump timing and possibly damage the engine. Sergeant Clutch has the professional mechanics to replace your vehicles timing belt or timing chain.

When to Replace Timing Belt or Timing Chain?
The timing belt needs to be replaced at proper mileage intervals. Most vehicles with timing belts require belt replacement between 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Unfortunately, there are no real warning signs before a timing belt breaks. Some vehicles don’t have timing belts but have timing chains. Timing chains are slightly noisier but are more durable. Timing chains tend to stretch or break, so if the engine sounds noisier, it’s probably time to have your timing chain inspected. Your owner’s manual should tell you if your vehicle has a timing belt or a timing chain. Ensure your timing system is maintained properly to extend the life of your engine. Sergeant Clutch offers Timing Belt Replacement Services in San Antonio, TX. Our mechanics will keep your vehicles timing system in optimal condition. When your vehicle needs a new timing belt, or timing chain, call Sergeant Clutch 210-239-1600.

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